Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cabin living (and other tidbits)

Hi all, it's Tim. I know, I know, y'all done thought I'd been abducted by aliens by now. Well Meg is the only one who might believe that since she believes in all that weird supernatural x-files, aliens suck your brains, vampire werewolf bullshit. Most of you probably just assumed I done something stupid like drive my wheelchair into a lake or shoot myself cleaning one of my new guns. (speaking of driving into a lake, remind me to tell you a story later on about that). Anyways, I've actually just been doing nothing but cabin living. I finally got moved into my little piece of heaven a couple months ago and I love it. It's perfect for me. The down side is I've been to weak to actually enjoy it to the fullest. As meg said I've been really sick again. So my life hasn't really had a whole lot going on to talk about. Just a quick rundown, everyone knows I'm a gimp in a wheelchair from having muscular dystrophy. Well, because of my disease my lungs are not good. Actually they are so weak that I could quit breathing at anytime. *serious moment here* I was told in June of last year that I have 6-9 months left before my lungs would go out. I was admitted in December to the hospital and quit breathing on my second day there and the same doc said I probably wouldn't make it out alive. So, the fact I'm even here is special. I must admit it hasn't been an easy road though. I've delt with some of the worst depression ever. That was all new to me because I've always been so strong willed an independent. Now my life is sleeping 15 plus hours a day and waiting to see what mom is cooking for supper. I lost my drive, lost my will power, lost my mojo and really just plain lost about life. I want out of life what most anyone wants and that's to find someone to spend the rest of my life with who loves me for me and vice versa. Someone who can just go and see the sights and be there with me for what time I do have left. Anyways, enough of the sadness for now. Only other thing I'd like to say is I don't claim to be atheist. I think their must be some sort of higher power or supreme being out there. I just don't believe specifically in the Christian doctrine or any organized religion for that matter. Now saying that, I would never ask you not to pray. I welcome all the prayers, well wishes, good vibes, voodoo spells, Tom cruise Scientology vibes, spheghetti monster prayers, or what ever else.

So for now cabin life goes on for me. I have some great days and some very scary days. On my good days I try to get out and go to town and see friends or go shoot my guns. Nothing like shooting 100 rounds of ammo to make the testosterone levels stay up. Now if I could just find me the right girl to help relieve that same testosterone afterwards by shooting my other gun!!

Stay tuned for some funny stories coming up including "what happens in Vegas...."

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