Friday, November 9, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I was told the other day that it is "no shave" November and all me were encouraged not to shave for the entire month in honor of some sort of cancer. I have no idea if this is true or not and haven't even googled it to see. Honestly I don't care either way since I've been growing my beard for over 2 months already. The problem I have is I've seen some girls post saying they were also wanting to take part and if the men were allowed to they should be able to as well. This just pisses me off more that a horny quad who can't jack off to solve the problem. Women with hair on them anywhere but their head is just nasty!  For a woman to want to say she doesn't want to shave is just a sign of either a lazy or nasty girl. Body hair is a sign of manhood. It's a sign of the male testosterone and a women should want to appear as feminine as possible. This means keeping the legs, and poon or fupa for most girls smooth. Also some women need to shave the arms. I'm sorry if you were born with more hair than others. So what, just means you have to shave more. It won't kill ya!  And as for women with facial hair, if you have it and aren't doing something to be getting rid of it then your just wrong!  I don't care if you don't wanna shave it, they got lasers now for that shit. Get if fried off so you look like a girl and not a unibrowed bearded woman with sideburns!

Now let me take it a step further. This next step really pisses me off and should any man encounter it they need to put and end ASAP!  This is the woman manipulation trick. I've seen it done several times and its one of the dirtiest plays in the woman's play book. This is when the girl is single and decides she is ready to start dating and meet a new man. So she goes and does the full body shave, I'm talking head to toe slick beaver and all. Wears some sexy thongs with even MATCHING bras. We all know this never happens in real like most of the time. So say you're a dude and you meet said girl and y'all hook up. Well based on first impression you are thinking you've scored a winner. You've got a hot girl, clean shaved, wears thongs and even matches the bra. So you call her back and start going out more and more. Suddenly once you're attached the bomb gets dropped. You come home one day and the vag looks like George W under a pair of cotton granny panties with a bra that she has been wearing for 3 weeks straight. Now this is not what you signed up for. This is not why you came back the first few times, yet now if you say something to the girl she goes off about how it's not fair that we as men can be hairy but expect them as women to shave. Well duh!!  Most of all is we don't deserve to be lied too and manipulated. If you're a nasty ass hairy poon then don't try to hide it just to fool a guy.

I'm sure I have a moral to this story some where but for now I just wanted to rant. More men need to step up and be the dictator that we are made to be (remember we have the dicks) and take control of these out of control hairy women

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