Monday, November 19, 2012


With thanksgiving coming up I like Meg have been seeing tons of fb post about daily thanks for the month of November. Usually all very generic stuff like god, family, kids, etc..  That's all find and dandy but if you're truly thankful for any of these things then why only wait till November to say it?   Suppose I'm sort of an outsider when it comes to holidays because as much as I have to be thankful for I don't need a holiday to tell me when to express my thanks. For example, this year has been one of the hardest of my life health wise, but I've tried to say how thankful I've been anytime I think of it. Same as with my friends and family, I don't wait till thanksgiving or valentines day just to say thanks or I love you. I'm even thankful for Meg even though she calls me a demented bumpkin. Which, by the way meg, in all your rant you still dint answer my question about how it's ok for all to be misleading until you get what you want?  If you want to look like a gorilla with its head split open like an ax be my guest but do it ALL the time. Don't act like something you're not! I still love ya though!!!

I can say that this thanksgiving and Christmas is a little more special to me that most just for the fact that I'm not even suppose to be here. It was almost a year ago when I was last hospitalized and told I wasn't going to make it. I had quit breathing and basically was sent home to die. I'm not well by any means but I'm still here and still have so many things I want to go see and do before my time is up. So let me just sayin thankful for all my friends who believe in me and have been there for me no matter what, especially Meg and Beard. Thankful for my mom and stepdad for making life sacrifices to make sure I am taken care of every single day. Thankful for all the little prayers, thoughts, well wishes, voodoo spells, or just any good vibes that were sent my way.

In a strange way I'm thankful for having the personality I have and thankful for the friends who made me feel this way. Not many guys in wheelchair with the condition I have can say they been through life wide open like me. Everything from wrecking face first off a curb in Nashville to buying a hooker in Vegas to late nights at the bars every weekend with friends and so much more. I just hope that I've inspired at least one person that just because we might not be perfect doesn't mean life can't go on

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