Monday, February 25, 2013

Show me the money!

So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately about how I could spend more time with Meg since I rarely ever get to see her anymore and really miss her. Yes,  I just said that and meant it so go fuck yourself if you are laughing at me. As Forrest Gump would say, "we go together like peas and carrots" and things just feel normal for me when she's around. Well I think I have figured out the most perfect plan for this to work out for the both of us. First of all let me say a couple things about meg, one she loves money and two she loves sex, I would even dare say that I may have those out of order even. She makes no excuses or tries to hide the fact that she loves getting laid. I think she gets humped more than half the camels in Iraq but I couldn't say for sure. She also has let it be know that she is ok with just casual, don't know your name or where you're from, one night stand sexcapades. I'm talking no strings attached kind of shit.  Ok, now that we have the set up here is my plan. I think we should move to Vegas and Meg become an escort. It's win win for her. I mean think about it, she likes getting ram rodded quite often just to be getting it and she likes money!  Hell, if I were her I would have been charging long ago. Fuck giving it out that easy for free, and based on my prior blog we all know what kind of money those girls make!!  Now for the part where I come in. Every call girl needs a pimp. It's just how the game is played. Bitches got to be kept in check!  In all reality I'd be a nice pimp who is really a pussy and is just along to have my bestie for a room mate and could g play blackjack any time I wanted to. Plus the air is better there so it's win win for me too.  Better air and happy times.

I've yet to run this idea by Meg yet but I'm sure she is going to think I'm an absolute genius for thinking this up. Gosh I love it when a great plan works out!


  1. Lol! You guys are too funny


  2. For the record. I always learn their names. At least their first ones. It is the last name I seem to have trouble with.

    And you would suck as a pimp. You wouldn't have the guts to bitch slap me when I got out of line.


  3. This is enlightening. So when Meg is all "yeah, I got my groove on", this actually means, yeah I get my groove on daily, but im no whore, I get the first name.

    If you guys are willing to take on another partner, I could take bitch slap duty. Lets face it, if you know Meg, you know sometimes she just needs to be bitch slapped. Somebody's gotta do it. I just need a stab proof vest and I'm in. Although, I dislike Vegas, but with all the gratifying bitch slapping of Meg, maybe I'd grow to love it? Until I got stabbed. Then I'd have to bounce.

    Almost, sort of but not really, Truly Yours,

    ~Some Random Asshole/Dick